Citadel Information Group with Dr. Stan Stahl

Citadel Information Group with Dr. Stan Stahl

Citadel Information Group, based in Los Angeles, CA, provides information and security management services to middle market organizations.  Founded in 2002 by Stan Stahl, PHD, and Kimberly Pease, CISSP, our mission is to provide our clients the highest levels of information security management and leadership.  Citadel's commitment to excellence has been documented time after time.  Our people are exceptionally talented.  We are creative problem solvers.  And client-service is our absolute number one priority.

We have extensive middle-market operations and consulting experience so we know what works and, more importantly, what doesn’t. Citadel principals have served as Chief Operating Officer and as Chief Information Officer. Other Citadel Senior Staff have also had executive experience. This means we understand the management constraints and “mind-sets” that can challenge getting information security “just right.” Our security management recommendations are tailor-made to fit a client’s business model so that the organization can meet its information security responsibilities within its budgetary constraints, its own unique culture, and its other business realities.

We believe in giving back to the information security community. We also believe our clients benefit from our extensive involvement in the information security community. It helps us stay sharp and cutting-edge. That’s why Citadel principals—along with other Senior Staff—serve in leadership positions on the Board of the Los Angeles Chapter of the Information Systems Security Association, why we give information security talks and lectures, and why we regularly publish papers on information security, even with attorneys and other cross-disciplinary colleagues.


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Dr. Stan Stahl
Citadel Information Group

Dr. Stahl is a pioneer in the field of information security, having entered the field in 1980.  He began his career securing teleconferencing at the White House, databases inside Cheyenne Mountain and the communications network controlling our nuclear weapons arsenal.  As President of Citadel Information Group, he brings this experience to business, government, and the not-for-profit community.

Dr. Stahl excels at helping his clients develop and implement information security management strategies consistent with their unique information security responsibilities, their business realities and their cultural circumstances.  This unusual management capability was developed through a career filled with growth, innovation and achievement in the management of technology and its strategic integration into the organization.  Dr. Stahl has honed his craft not only through his extensive experience in the management of information security but also through his experiences as (i) COO of an online management education and training company, (ii) a strategic management consultant specializing in business performance, (iii) a software engineer, (iv) a research scientist and even (v) a mathematics professor.
Dr. Stahl earned his Ph.D. in mathematics from The University of Michigan and spent nearly 15 years teaching university mathematics. Once an active researcher, Dr. Stahl has published more than a dozen papers in advanced mathematics and computer science. He has taught courses in information security, software engineering, project management and computer programming at several universities and colleges. He recently served on the faculty at the University of Southern California in the School of Engineering’s Information Technology Program.


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