An Interview with Margaret Moore (Coach Meg)

An Interview with Margaret Moore (Coach Meg)

Energizing people to kick quick fixes and master wellness.  

This is the first time in human history that we have asked people to take charge and be the boss of their health and well-being.  This is a new life skill which is complex, and challenging to master.

I have started Coach Meg's blog in order to coach people of diverse backgrounds who want help in gaining mastery of health and well-being.  The weekly blog format includes podcasts of 20 minute coaching sessions focused on creating wellness visions, accompanied by a commentary on the session highlights.  Where possible, we will add or link commentary to broader issues in healthcare. 

As the founder of Wellcoaches Corporation, I am among the leaders who are establishing the new profession of wellness coaching.  As an entrepreneur, I have too little opportunity to coach people, which I love to do and find nourishing.  The creation of Coach Meg and the blog allows me to be a catalyst in helping people to be the bosses of their health and well-being.  


Segment 1

Coach Meg's love for coaching and business building mind led her to become the online personality of Coach Meg.  After spending time in the high-technology side of medicine, she moved to the prevention side.  She, along with ideas from her husband, created the Well Coaching program which she will explain in this segment. 

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Segment 2 serves people with their health coach training, and health coaching.  Health coaches have a lot of energy, are good listeners and ask powerful questions that get you working and thinking.  They are able to engage people.  Coaching works best once people realize that quick fixes aren't working and are willing to do more work to change themselves and their lifestyle.  Coaches are well trained and have life experiences that will help make a stronger coaching/student relationship that will lead students to achieve and keep their health goals.   

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Segment 3

Coach Meg also has a blog and is creating a website to provide more information to clients and prospective clients or coaches.  Matching clients with well coaches is a hefty process that will ensure a coach and client are happy and compatable, in order to gain the greatest result.  Since the coaches work by phone it is possible for coaches and clients to be located in different parts of the country.   

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Segment 4

Coaches charge clients per hour, which are often grouped into sessions and easier on your wallet than a personal trainer.  A wellness plan is owned by the client and is available to the coach to review.  The client is able to share the plan and their progress with anyone they would like. 

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Margaret Moore (Coach Meg)

Margaret is an entrepreneur and 17-year veteran of the biotechnology industry in the UK, Canada, the US and France.  She served in marketing and business development roles at three companies which later joined AstraZeneca or SanofiAventis.  She served as CEO and COO of two early stage biotech companies.  

In 2000, Margaret shifted focus from the high technology side of medicine to prevention and well-being and founded Wellcoaches Corporation. 

The company's coach training school, which employs thirty world class faculty members.  Margaret is the cofounder of the new Harvard Medical School Coaching and Positive Psychology Initiative and annual Coaching Phychology conference.  Margaret's collaboration with Edward Phillips, MD, to build a coaching roadmap for physician visits, is leading to the launch of the Institute of Lifestyle Medicine at Harvard Medical School, of which Margaret is a founding advisor. 

Margaret is the lead or co-author of:

  • -In press- Coaching Psychology Manual published by Lippincott, Williams, & Wilkins
  • Harvard Medical School online CME program: Prescribing Lifestyle Medicine for Weight Management
  • White Paper: The obesity epidemic- a confidence crisis calling for professional coaches
  • Principles of Behavioral Psychology in Wellness Coaching
  • Relational Flow:Theoretical Model for the Intuitive Dance (new theory of coaching psychology)
  • Coach Meg's Blog
  • Trade book underway titled: Coach Meg & the Realization of Rachel (a pediatrician)


  • B.S. Biology, University of Western Ontario, 1978
  • M.B.A., Ivey School of Business; Canada's equivalent to Harvard Business School; last term was at London Business School under an international scholarship, 1983

Margaret, born in Toronto, is a board member of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra in Boston led by Benjamin Zander.


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