A "Big City" Goddess - It's All About Love

A "Big City" Goddess - It's All About Love


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Lisa has lived in big cities all her life, but she is as down to Earth and grounded as a heavenly angel.  She is very passionate about empowering others to let go of their fears, define their goals, and reach their health, wellness and prosperity potential.  Her career accomplishments include program director and counsellor for a national weight loss center, cosmetologist, salon manager, retail store manager, certified fitness instructor, and health and prosperity coach.  As a certified life coach, she focuses on helping others lead a prosperous, healthy lifestyle through wellness, entrepreneurship, networking, mentorship and fitness, team building, training and leadership to accomplish positive results for her enthusiastic clients.
In addition, Lisa has had the opportunity to draw knowledge and inspiration from her work with top speakers, leaders and entrepreneurs worldwide and speaks of her own experiences to inspire others.  Her result driven expertise has a common theme of helping others to look and feel their best, while reaching their goals.  Like each of us, Lisa has had to overcome her own personal challenges. With courage and determination, she has been able to overcome challenging obstacles to embrace a healthy, successful lifestyle.  Her goal is to make a difference in the lives of people and animals through dedication, leadership, contribution, and love.

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