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Georgene Summers

California girl Georgene Summers is a born entrepreneur with a wild streak in her that just won't quit.  An Adventurer, Author, Talk Show Host, Wild-Life Photographer, Strategic Intervention Change Coach, Marriage and Relationship Coach, Inventor, Businesswoman, Fashionista, and sometimes whirling dervish, the wildly animated Summers seems to have done it all.
Georgene spent several highly successful decades in the fashion accessories business between Los Angeles and New York City when she finally decided to embark on a variety of new careers in rapid sequence.  Several years on Wall Street as a Commodities Associate proved to be rewarding but stressful for the creative Summers.  In the early 80's she left Wall Street to build a nightclub in midtown-Manhattan the likes of which had never been seen in the city before.
Summers, always just slightly ahead of her time built a 15,000 square foot club that became the "home away from home" for models, chic "Euro trash" and celebrities galore.  The club, called Bolero, prided itself on privacy and chic decadence and hosted many hot and happening parties which celebrated stars like Mary Wilson of the Supremes, the wild and wonderful Grace Jones, the original Village People, the late Andy Warhol and Lifestyles guru Robin Leach.
Not one to say no to anything, she plunged into her next re-creation with a vengeance and started two businesses, one in telecommunications and the other inventing two fitness related items.  She currently holds two patents.  Since 1996 she has been traveling to Africa, going on safari alone with only her Masai guide Hagai as company.  Content on her own, dining out in the middle of the Serengeti by the light of a candle or rising at 5 am to the sound of baboons in the trees outside her campsite, she loves traveling into the bush to photograph all of the animals and has now decided to offer her photographs for sale on her website.
In 2002 Georgene made a decision that would change her life as she knew it.  She moved to Africa alone.  As part of a self-funded Humanitarian Project, Georgene started working with Xhosa tribeswomen teaching them how to make commercially viable beaded cellphone bags.  In 2004, after deciding to return to America with her three little dogs, she accidentally met her soulmate.  In the middle of South Africa, the beautiful Georgene would meet that special man in the form of a humble, modest and good looking guy she calls her Prince. Her life would change dramatically as they moved from friends to husband and wife New Years Eve 2004.  Her formula for relationship success was proven once again.
Since then the enigmatic Summers has been traveling back and forth from Africa to the states working with him to bring focus to the project that has been near and dear to his heart..... Bugz a Humanitarian project.  Not one to stay still for long and with her telecommunications business slowing, Georgene took another leap off the cliff and went back to school to study with renowned Motivational Speaker Tony Robbins at Robbins Madanes Institute.  In only 90 days she graduated with commendations and is now a Certified Strategic Intervention Coach and Marriage and Relationship Coach on a mission.  Just ask her and she will excitedly tell you how she intends to "Empower and Inspire Women with Hope, Courage, Confidence and the Tools to live all of their dreams and realize their fullest potential for growth and greatness."
Georgene is an accomplished author who has penned three incredible books on relationships... "The Dating Dance...Confessions of the Spider and the Fly" and "No One Moved your Cheese" and her most recent one "Blind Spots: The Ultimate Guide to Love in the Dark."  She has also written several poetry books and two screenplays.  Georgene is currently working on a children's book about her many African animals entitled "Henny Penny Featherhead and the Band of Bunnies."  She supports orphaned baby elephants through the amazing Daphne Sheldrick in Nairobi, Kenya and is working with her guide on an educational project to stop female genital mutilation among the Masai by sending the young girls to boarding school.  What's next for Georgene?
Georgene recently hosted a new, edgy and wildly popular talk show "On The Edge with Georgene Summers" where she can literally change women's lives one woman at a time or maybe even 100 or 1000.  That is what makes her do a happy dance.

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