Heroic Self Love = Freedom

Heroic Self Love = Freedom


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Dr. Angelika Christie

Internationally recognized as a Trendsetter in personal development, Dr. Angelika Christie empowers women across the globe in every area of life.

"Women are the foundation of a new consciousness and must take the lead now!" - Angelika

Angelika's signature program "Prosper on Purpose" provides her clients with the tools they need to step consciously into their highest potential and lead with total confidence in business and life.

Angelika's programs are innovative and goal-oriented for her clients' greatest success and happiness.

Angelika is a multi-disciplined personal development expert of 30 years.  She's a Certified Heart Intelligence Coach, Doctor of Naturopathy and Anti-Aging Specialist.  She is also a sought after international speaker, trainer, mentor, and facilitates wellness and business retreats in the Bahamas.

Angelika's commitment is to empower women to love themselves more, step fearlessly into their brilliance and become outstanding leaders.  She created the "Heroic Self Love" Formula so that women can attract ideal relationships and the opportunities to create freedom and abundance in their lives.




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