The Spiritual Laws of Life

The Spiritual Laws of Life


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Reverend Ray Wiggins
MA, LUT, Certified Spiritual Educator
Ray Wiggins, entered the planet at the end of the great depression. The son of Grace and Gene Wiggins, who taught him honesty and hard work combined with spirituality can create a good life of service to humanity.  To that end, Ray has spent his life, starting at age 18, in service to others, through church service (United Methodist and UNITY) and community service (Nashville Chapter of the National Hemophilia Society and Hank Snow Foundation for the Prevention of Child Abuse).
Through those arenas, Ray has traveled the world and demonstrated that his Spiritual Laws of Life which he studies, practices, and teaches always bring the results of being happy, healthy, wealthy and whole in mind, body, and soul.  Ray is committed to sharing these Spiritual Laws of Life with people who are ready to live their lives on a higher order of consciousness.
Approaching 80 years young, Ray is committed to living his best life ever for many years to come in a variety of arenas: as a spiritual coach, a teacher, a leader, and soon with his new FREE internet prayer ministry, "Pray with Ray," which gets amazing results for those with whom he shares his positive and powerful prayers.

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