Finding and Using Creative Juices

Finding and Using Creative Juices


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Carmel Rivello Maguire

The Bunny and Mysterious Butterfly has just arrived.  A children's book that connects the feelings of loneliness, friendship and introducing children, gently to the ET's that bring Bella, the Bunny, joy, surprise and travels!
The first in a series for children of all ages and a glimpse of the wondrous future that awaits humanity, reminding us we are all connected.
Carmel Rivello Maguire, speaker, author and humorist writes with a passion and love of children.  She connects the head with the heart of her writing and had been interacting and teaching children all of her life.
Her hope is to globally inspire children to read and understand that they are not alone in their hope for friendship and there are forces uniting to bring them comfort.  Requests for The Bunny and the Butterfly have come from as far away as Kenya and New Zealand.  At the present, Rivello-Maguire plans to have her book translated into Spanish and Mandarin Chinese.  Presently, an audio book is being produced.

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