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Juha P. Markkanen
Consul General

Consul General (Ambassador) Mr. Juha P. Markkanen started in Los Angeles as Finland's CG representing USA's 13 most western states on September 1, 2013.  Consul General Markkanen joined the Finland's Ministry for Foreign Affairs in 1991.  Before that he worked as a bank lawyer and as an attache of a Regional Chamber of Commerce in Finland.
Mr. Markkanen holds a Master of Law degree from Turku University - the oldest university of Finland.  During his 24 years long diplomatic career he has served abroad, before Los Angeles, in Germany (1992-1996),  in Japan (2000-2004) and in Sweden (2010-2013).
In the Foreign Ministry in Helsinki Mr. Markkanen has worked a lot with trade related issues, trade promotion, communication and EU affairs f.ex. as a Director of Communications of the Foreign Ministry.
Mr. Markkanen is married with Mrs. Tuula Markkanen.  They have two children (21 year old son and 19 year old daughter).  Consul General Markkanen was born 1963.

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