Dr. Jeffrey Upperman - Concussion Talk

Dr. Jeffrey Upperman - Concussion Talk

My mission in life has always been to provide outstanding healthcare for large groups of people.  I’ve never viewed my role as being a person who treats one particular disease at a time.  I've always looked at what I am doing and viewed it from the standpoint of "How can I design a program or a treatment or a cure that will provide help or assistance for hundreds or thousands of people?"  So, although my role here at Childrens Hospital involves a huge variety of activities during the day, it is often my teaching that brings me some of the greatest fulfillment because I know that, in creating a training program for students, I am potentially affecting hundreds and thousands of people.  Hopefully my greatest impact will be to shape the minds of younger surgeons who have an impact on future societies.



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Dr. Jeffrey Upperman
Director, Trauma and Pediatric Surgery
Children's Hospital LA

I developed a love of surgery during my medical training and pediatric surgery became a perfect match between my love of children and my enjoyment of performing surgery.  If I were to point to a specific point in my life where I made the decision to become a pediatric surgeon it was during assisting a more senior surgeon on one of my first procedures to correct a congenital anomaly in an infant.  I accompanied the senior surgeon out to see the family after the procedure.  Watching him be able to go up to this family and say the words, "Your baby is going to be OK" and see the joy spread over that family really typified for me what we refer to around here as providing the "80-year cure."    

I decided to come to Los Angeles to be a part of a state-of-the-science, tertiary care, healthcare center that was a leader in pediatric disease and treatment.  I had experience working for the Childrens Hospital of Pittsburgh and had recently been deployed from my military obligation as a Major in the United States Army Medical Corps serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom 2 and was looking for other challenges.  I decided to explore potential opportunities in Southern California and was recruited to work at Children's Hospital Los Angeles.   

I view what I do as the ultimate community service.  Coming to work every day, of course, pays the bills, but I am the kind of person who wants to be of service to the largest group of people possible. 


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