Healers Paw Booties

Healers Paw Booties

Healers Paw Booties assist in healing your dog's paw.  Designed to encourage faster healing, the Healer Paw Booties are:  Breathable, Moisture wicking, Lightweight and Stretchable.

The wrap-around design gives the best fit for your dog.  The Healers custom non-adherent, triple layer gauze insert fits the interior of the bootie and acts as a bandage to absorb moisture.  This allows for you to apply medicine if needed.

Adhesive backing on the gauze pads keep the gauze in place so you and your best friend can continue your daily routine.  If you need added length, our leg wraps connect to the boots extending the protection all the way up the leg.

All of our products are made in the USA and are washable. 



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Terri Entler
Healers Petcare

Terri Entler, an engineer and entrepreneur who founded a medical product line that is first of its kind developed to help dogs with healing paws.  Her company, Healers Medical, now offers dog booties, complete with a specialized gauze insert that holds in place and won't stick to the wound.  It also offers Urban Walkers, a protective walking boot for pets to insulate their paws from extremely hot and cold surfaces.  Terri has worked with the National Guide Dogs for the Blind to assist in the development of these Urban Walkers.  They are sold at:  www.pethotelsofamerica.com and www.healerspetcare.com.


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