Introducing Jane Davis

Introducing Jane Davis


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Jane Davis
Owner and Leader of Testing Team
Brain Potential Institute

Jane Faulkner Davis began her career as a physical therapist after earning a BS in that field from the University of Texas Medical Branch.  After she earned a master's degree in health care administration from Southwest Texas  State University, Jane went on to positions in management and cognitive program development for the Starbright Pediatric Rehabilitation Institute and Texas Children's Hospital.  As a person with cerebral palsy, Jane combines personal experience with her extensive education, tireless research, and tremendous passion for teaching special needs children.

Jane founded Kid Potential in 2002 in Conroe, Texas to provide treatment for children with neurological disabilities such as ADD/ADHD and dyslexia.  Through her work with hundreds of clients, she developed proprietary rehabilitation exercises for the brain and has successfully employed them for teaching children with autism and other types of learning disabilities.  Realizing that a brain fitness program could benefit people of all ages, Jane renamed Kid Potential to Brain Potential Institute in early 2010.  Jane's current clients cover the spectrum and include adults in early stages of dementia as well as gifted students enhancing their grades and IQ for optimal college placement and scholarship opportunities.


    Phone: 1.877.600.6565


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