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Austin Beutner

Austin Beutner has four decades of success in the private and public sectors.  As both a business leader and philanthropist, he is known for building organizations and leading them to achieve meaningful results.

In his most recent role as the city’s First Deputy Mayor and Chief Executive for Economic and Business Policy, Austin worked collaboratively to build a stronger Los Angeles. Inspired by his desire to make LA a city that works, Austin served as the city’s jobs czar from January 2010 to May 2011 for a salary of $1 a year. During his 16 months, he managed 13 city departments including the port, airport and the Department of Water and Power (DWP). In each department, he brought an innovative “do more with less” approach to solving some of the city’s largest problems. Some of his accomplishments include: cutting $263 million out of DWP’s budget, streamlining the permitting process, and refocusing the city’s efforts to support small and minority-owned businesses.

During a time when many Los Angeles residents and businesses are suffering from the impact of the recession, Austin made changes to City government that reinvigorated the local job market. He rolled up his sleeves and built a team of experienced public and private sector professionals, and created a culture of accountability and transparency. His team proactively reached out and offered support to Los Angeles’ employers, which helped many keep their doors open and able to hire more Angelenos. He implemented important policy changes, such as cutting taxes and eliminating red tape that attracted companies like Google, BMW, Blackline and Mission Foods to LA, creating hundreds of well-paying jobs.

Austin has spent most of his career working in the financial industry. At age 29, Austin became the youngest partner at Blackstone, one of the world’s leading advisory firms. At 33, he served in the U.S. State Department under President Bill Clinton’s Administration. He led the team that helped the new Russia transition to a market economy after the collapse of the Soviet Union. He then went on to found Evercore Partners with former Deputy Treasury Secretary Roger Altman. As President and Co-Chief Executive Officer, Austin built Evercore into a global leader, with offices in the U.S. and around the world.

Austin is deeply involved in his community, serving as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of CalArts, Chairman of the Board of the Broad Stage, Chairman of the Governor’s Council on Sports & Physical Fitness, Co-Chairman of CalArts Community Arts Partnership, and Chairman of Mammoth Mountain Community Foundation. He also serves on the Boards of ICEF Public Schools and ACT Today and is Chairman of the Mayor’s Blue Ribbon Commission on the NFL Stadium.

He and his wife have four children.

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