Fitness with Shari Friedman

Fitness with Shari Friedman


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Shari Friedman
Certified Fitness Professional

Shari is an ISSA Certified Fitness Professional, Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, Natural Health Advocate, Winner of the 2009 Chozen Award for Health Practitioner of the Year, Host of FitTalk with ShariFitness, blogger about Natural Health and Fitness on and soon to be author.

Shari is a real life transformation success story that has been featured in several fitness magazines.  She was frusterated, frumpy and a perpetual "before" picture.  No longer a perpetual "before" picture, Shari discovered her passion for health and fitness and set out on a mission to help others become more fit and healthy.  Shari walks the walk and talks the talk.  Her positive attitude has motivated and inspired countless others who were frusterated with their efforts to lose weight and help coach them towards better health and fitness.

As an entrepreneur, Shari also understands the importance of making your
health and fitness your number one priority regardless of life’s demands,
pressures and stress. Why is that? If your health and fitness isn’t up to par, it
affects your bottom line. Your energy levels aren’t up to par, you can’t think as
clearly, and your stress levels go up.

Shari is currently writing her first book about her transformation success secrets and how she not only transformed her body, but her life.


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