Founder of MainStreetChamber, Larry Kozin

Founder of MainStreetChamber, Larry Kozin


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Larry Kozin

After spending many years in the Lead Generation Business for Insurance Agents, Larry concluded that a lead is simply a name and a number and the success or failure of any single lead was absolutely dependent on the ability of the Salesperson to develop a Relationship with that Prospect.

After many years of attempting more experiments than Edison, the Solution was finally revealed…..

Larry was able to guarantee a 100% Appointment Ratio by reinventing the Broken Chamber of Commerce Business Model.  The major component of the transformation was the utilization of the Universal Principle of Giving First…Expecting Nothing in Return.

By Granting a FREE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP to any Small and Home Based Business in North America, no Salesperson would ever again have to Purchase a Lead…instead, by simply inviting a Prospect to attend a MainStreetChamber Event, every prospect becomes an immediate Relationship…and that is a priceless commodity.


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