Thrive/Survive Los Angeles with Sunshine Esteves

Thrive/Survive Los Angeles with Sunshine Esteves

Young adult cancer survivors in the post-treatment phase of survivorship are a growing population with documented special medical and psychosocial needs.  Access to real, relevant, practical information is hard to come by and the community in Los Angeles is disjointed.  Many young adult survivors feel alone, too young for most post-treatment services and too old for pediatric services, often never having met another person who has been through what they have been through.  Thrive/Survive aims to create a portal community to enable real-life meet ups of young adult cancer survivors, in addition to clear, concise access to information such as understanding local medical practitioners, financial resources (including lenders and property managers willing to work with medically bankrupt survivors) and lifestyle information (cancer-friendly yoga, dietitians and more).


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Thrive/Survive Los Angeles
A Project of The Giving Back Fund

Thrive/Survive Los Angeles, A Project of The Giving Back Fund, is a resource community that provides young adult cancer survivors access to various medical and lifestyle resources as well as a host of networking events and informational seminars, learn more at

Thrive/Survive Los Angeles is a project of The Giving Back Fund, a registered 501(c)(3) organization.

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