Seton & Associates with Kent Seton

Seton & Associates with Kent Seton

At Seton & Associates, not only do we help our clients structure and comply with the initial legal formalities in launching a business or organization, but ensure added value by educating, training, and advising our clients along the way.  From discussing board development to ongoing reporting requirements, fundraising rules and mission statements, we understand the tools for success.  Parallel to our clients beliefs, Seton & Associates strives to nurture client relationships - our philosophy is to first build a strong relationship with our client and secondly to provide the most well-informed, comprehensive, and detail-oriented service and advise in a timely manner.  We take pride in being a part of our clients' experience and look forward to servicing them for years to come.


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Kent Seton
Managing Partner
Seton & Associates

Kent E. Seton, Esq., an entrepreneur at heart, started his law career simultaneously with the launch of a separate online venture that quickly grew into one of the largest nationwide providers preparing the paperwork for creating 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations.  At its height, this online company was forming over 200 501(c)(3) organizations per month.  At the same time, he steadily grew his transactional law practice in Beverly Hills and the surrounding areas, and he has become one of the foremost attorneys representing charities.  He also lends his experience to social entrepreneurs, advising them as they form and structure new businesses.  Kent rejects the idea of "one size fits all" and works with each client separately to develop legal solutions tailored to meet their specific legal and business needs.  In addition to speaking regularly on a variety of topics, he also spearheaded a complimentary periodic event featuring some of the most innovative thinkers in the nonprofit sector to share resources and information and to promote collaborative networking to benefit nonprofits in the Los Angeles area.  He also enjoys lecturing on subjects including "social entrepreneurism," collaborations, mergers and acquisitions in the nonprofit sector, strategies for donors and fundraisers, and "hybrid" entities.


E-Mail:    Phone: 310-557-1923

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