Validas with Tom Pepe

Validas with Tom Pepe

The name Validas derives from several ideas:

It sounds like "validate" which is the core of what we do for our customer's wireless bills.  We validate whether bills are accurate and find plan mismatches and errors to save them money.

It means "powerful" in Latin and Spanish.  Our message, technology, and the information we provide is powerful and we empower our customers to understand how they use their wireless services and how they spend every cent for them.

It relates to "veritas" which means truth.  From the beginning our goal has been to put truth in wireless billing by delivering accurate and detailed information into our customer's hands.

Validas is a privately funded company, founded by former wireless executives who wanted to do more for their customers.  We are committed to taking care of people and staying true to our core objectives - simplifying, serving, and saving money.


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Tom Pepe
Co-Founder and CEO

Tom Pepe is cofounder and CEO of Validas, a company that delivers the only on-demand wireless billing and analytics platform servicing the wireless market.  Under his leadership, Validas has garnered national media attention and industry recognition, developed award winning technology, has a worldwide patent pending and earned numerous industry awards.

Pepe is a former Verizon Wireless executive who set out on his own in 2007 to co-found Validas with groundbreaking SaaS (Software as a Service) company that analyzes and reduces wireless bills using patented technology for consumers, SMBs, Fortune 500s and municipalities.  Current enterprise-level Validas clients include eBay and the State of California, where Validas saves the government over $600,000 per month.  The average consumer using Validas saves around $400 annually.

Selected by Houston Business Journal for the publication's "40 under 40" list, Pepe is one of "the next 40 leaders who excel in their industry, are respected business leaders, and show dynamic leadership in their community."  The New York Times, MSNBC, Business Insider, All Things D, and Fox TV have all featured Validas as the go-to expert for analysis of cellular phone expense structure and data usage.

Validas software will now be offered by as part of it's package to track and control cellular expense of enterprises using mobile phones as an extension or alternative to the desk phone.  This trend is rapidly shifting telecommunications expense to cellular phone bills that are often daunting to interpret.


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