Alpha Investment Management with Dr. Jerry Minton

Alpha Investment Management with Dr. Jerry Minton

Creative risk management for long-term investors

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Dr. Jerry Minton
President and CEO
Alpha Investment Management

Dr. Minton received his PH.D. in philosophy from the University of Cincinnati in 1968.  From 1968 to 1975, he taught philosophy at the University of Missouri, Kansas City.  During that time, he published several scholarly articles and a popular textbook Philosophy: Paradox and Discovery (McGraw - Hill).

Jerry went into the investment business in 1978 with E.F. Hutton, and in 1986 affiliated with Prescott, Ball and Turben, a Cleveland, Ohio based broker-dealer.  As an executive vice-president, he helped start Prescott's investment consulting division.  In 1990, in association with two partners from Prescott, Jerry started an independent institutional consulting firm which was affiliated with Callan Associates of San Francisco, a major institutional consultant.

In 1996, Jerry was awarded the CIMA (Certified Investment Management Analyst) designation by the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

In 1997, Jerry started Alpha Investment Management as a result of his research into longterm investment strategies.


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