Laura Levinsky Consulting with Laura Levinsky

Laura Levinsky Consulting with Laura Levinsky

Most nonprofits are started out of passion for a cause or need.  Passion is a wonderful thing and we all need passion for something in our lives.  Passion aside, nonprofits are still essentially businesses and need to be run as such.  Sound business practice tells us we need to have a business plan, goals, fundraising, marketing and more.  Passion tells us to fill a need in our community and society.

As a consultant, I help make the two diverse sides of a nonprofit function together so that all elements work and the need is filled.  I work with the leadership of an organization to identify areas that need improvement, provide a working plan to make changes and help implement those changes.


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Laura Levinsky
Laura Levinsky Consulting

Laura Levinsky, of Laura Levinsky Consulting (, has over twenty years experience in both paid and volunteer positions as a Nonprofit Consultant.  She recently received two nominations for the Los Angeles Business Journal Women Making a Difference Award  
As a staff member/consultant she has worked with numerous organizations, including Special Olympics, the T.R.E.A.C.H. Foundation, Arthritis Foundation, Jay Nolan Community Services, P.A.L.S. and Well-Suited.  Most recently she served as the de facto Executive Director for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention in Southern California (AFSP). During her tenure she increased donations from $87,000 to a quarter of a million dollars a year, in just two years.  In that same period, program delivery increased by 1200% and the chapter received numerous grants.
As a volunteer she has worked with such diverse groups as Heal the Bay, chambers of commerce, and the Motion Pictures and Television Fund Foundation.  She served as president of the Los Angeles Networking Services Association and was on the board of directors for four years.  In her capacity as a member of the Grant Review committee for the Entertainment Industry Foundation, she conducted interviews and made recommendations for the awarding of grants to local nonprofits.

Prior to her career in the nonprofit field, she spent over fifteen years in the entertainment industry, most notably placing music in television prodcutions and handling music copyright and publishing for a major studio.  She also served as a liaison between nonprofits and the productions to provide items for fundraising events.

Laura Levinsky holds a B.A. degree from California State University, Northridge and a Certificate in Fundraising/Nonprofit Management from the University of California Los Angeles.



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