Introducing Pastor Gregory Johnson

Introducing Pastor Gregory Johnson


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Pastor Gregory Johnson

I am a Christian who believes God should be a part ones daily life. I am imperfect but strive each day to be a little bit better. I am a Pastor of a small church. As well I am the Cofounder of a Private University, a husband and a dad. I believe that money is simply a tool to do good and that the greater good we do, we benefit spiritually, professionally and financially. I am aggressive about the Kingdom of God.  We, all of us have a responsibility to make a difference. Our existence must not and should not be passive but rather to effect positive change.  My faith should be alive and not imposed but through acts of kindness draw people to the Body of Christ. That needs to be a part of what we do each day on our jobs and in business.  As a Cofounder of a Private University that focuses on Health Care Professions, I see my obligations as critical in helping to shape quality of care and address Health Care Disparity and Socio-Economic discrepancies.  The American University of Health Sciences (AUHS) was started by wife and I in 1994 and it was begun through prayer and fasting the foundation of who we are.

 I cannot be except it were the grace of God.

To Believe, To Learn, To Create, To Succeed


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