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In 1976, Dr. William H. Cain was active in his profession of counseling psychology and was teaching at a local university. A friend who owned a securities and insurance agency needed to motivate his sales force and thought Cain could help. Cain conducted several seminars for the sales force, including “Psychology of Sales” and “Dress for Success.” When asked about this experience Cain said, “I always knew that salespeople needed motivation; it became so apparent how crucial it is to success.”

Drawn into the financial services industry, Cain eventually opened an agency of his own. His wife and partner, Ericka, joined him in 1987. The company grew from an MGA concentrating on Medicare supplements and health products to Financial Independence Group, Inc., a small, national marketing company.

To get to the next level, it would take vision and a very big step. In 1997, Bo Johnson was hired as Chief Marketing Officer. Bo passed away on December 5, 2009. Cain, with his experience, and Johnson, with his energy and vision, skyrocketed FIG from a small company to one of the best and most recognized marketing companies in the country.

For over 30 years, FIG has maintained the same philosophy, but we now offer more services. Working in 49 states allows FIG the advantage of connecting with advisors in every market. We believe in strong personal relationships and understand that advisors want to remain independent without feeling isolated.

At FIG, an advisor has a team of specialized marketers to contact, as well as a support staff available to answer any question and to follow up on the advisor’s business. This is very apparent with our App Wash® program that is designed to take an advisor’s business to the next level. Imagine being able to turn in an application for a client and then not worrying about that application again until you are paid. We do the rest.

FIG knows products are not the key anymore. Why? Because every marketing company has the same products, but not everyone can offer the same superior services. Johnson explains, “We do everything possible to be a true partner. Saying you will partner with an agent is easy; what is unfortunate is that most marketing companies do not actually get around to doing it.”

The objective for FIG has been the same since the beginning: under promise and over-deliver. Regarding success Johnson said, “We measure our success by the success of each independent agent. When they are successful, we are successful.” Call FIG on your next case, and put us to the test!


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Brian Williams
Financial Independence Group, Inc.

Brian received his MBA from North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina.  He also holds a Bachelor of Technology in Business Technology as well as an AAS in Aviation.  He began his career in the higher education sector where he implemented and led a nationally recognized initiative known as the College Foundation of North Carolina.  As director, he was responsible for the overall success and strategic direction of the state mandated project which later turned into a national model.  He has a wealth of experience in leading large, complex organizations that have high expectations and challenging goals.  He understands the power of collaboration and the importance of quality in order to succeed.
As COO Brian is committed to providing exemplary customer service and is responsible for the overall business operations of the company to ensure your experience with FIG is unparalleled.  He works with the senior management team to develop global strategies and direction for FIG.  In addition to Brian’s role as COO, he also plays a crucial role in the day to day decision making and coordination of efforts on behalf of FIG to bring Regulus Advisors, LLC, and independent securities producer group, to the forefront of the securities industry.
Brian also serves on the Board of Directors for the National Association for Fixed Annuities and was Co-Chair of the Market Conduct Task Force committee on Education and Supervision.  He speaks regularly with various organizations representing FIG as well as on industry issues.  He has worked passionately on the opposition of 151A representing producers and advisors in Washington, DC by visiting members of congress in an effort to educate and support industry efforts.
Regardless of the situation, Brian will take a synergistic approach to provide all of our partners with new ideas, methods, and strategies to enhance our joint organizational goals.


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