Health with Aimee Nicotera

Health with Aimee Nicotera


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Aimee Nicotera
Health, Nutrition, PE

Aimee Nicotera has been involved in the health and fitness industry for over 18 years, as a group exercise leader, personal trainer and health educator.  Aimee has worked in commercial and corporate fitness settings, as well as coordinated and managed wellness programs for companies, including Johnson & Johnson and Seton Health Systems.  Originally from upstate New York, Aimee now lives in Los Angeles, bringing with her a BS degree in Nutrition Science and MS degree in Health Education, as well as multiple fitness certifications through ACE, AFAA, ACSM, Kangoo Jumps, Spinning, Gravity and KrankCycle.  In addition to being an AFAA Kickboxing Specialist and AFAA  certification examiner, Aimee has extensive experience training new instructors, having developed and led a successful instructor training program for several years.  Currently, Aimee works full time as a high school health, nutrition and PE teacher in South Los Angeles.  This position as allowed her the opportunity to help develop an after school fitness and nutrition education program with the SOS Mentor organization.  Over the years, Aimee has enjoyed participating in various fitness activities, ranging from fitness competitions to marathon running and multi-sport races.  In the role of 220 Fitness Program Director, Aimee brings enthusiasm and creativity to her group exercise classes and encourages her team of fantastic instructors and participants to get fit and have fun doing it!

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