Ciralight Global, Inc. with Jeff Brain

Ciralight Global, Inc. with Jeff Brain

Ciralight Global, Inc. is a visionary company and a leader in the “Green” Construction Products field with this unique and ground-breaking natural lighting product. Bringing safer, cheaper, usable daylighting into warehouses, showrooms, retail stores, schools, manufacturing facilities and office buildings is an idea that’s time has come.

Call us today to learn how you can incorporate our efficient, cost saving natural source of light into your business. Ciralight Global's SunTracker Daylighting systems enable you to light your building with a FREE source of energy "the Sun" - and to turn your electrical powered lights off during daytime hours allowing you to conserve energy, save money and meet today’s energy efficiency standards for more efficient buildings while taking advantage of local, state and federal tax incentives and credits.

Let one of our Daylighting advisors assess your potential savings with our powerful ROI calculator that is proprietary to Ciralight Global, Inc. With available tax credits and utility cost savings the payback period is short. See for yourself the benefits a day lit facility can provide to you, your employees, your customers, your students, and to your bottom line.


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Jeff Brain
Ciralight Global, Inc.

Jeff Brain is a successful entrepreneur, recognizd civic leaders and governmental strategist.
Jeff Brain is partner and CEO in Ciralight Global, Inc., a nationally recognized Green Company that is the only provider of active Daylighting Skylight products that enable businesses, stores and schools to turn off their electric lights for up to 10.5 hours a day.
Prior to that Jeff Brain served as CEO of the Smokey Robinson Food Company, where he took company from startup to national distribution within 18 months.  Prior to joining the Smokey Robinson Food Company, Jeff was the Founder and President of Valley Vote, Inc., one of the largest government reform movements in America.  Jeff presided over a Board of Directors of 100 of Los Angeles’ top community and business leaders, directed 2,000 volunteers as well as a team of professional consultants and attorneys.
As President, Jeff was responsible for preparing a $1.1 billion dollar budget and a public service plan that would provide police, fire, transportation, parks, utilities, etc.  for a city that would be the sixth largest city in the U.S.  He managed all the business functions, including media relations, public speaking, community outreach, budgeting, government structure, message development, legislative development and managed the day-to-day administrative staff and operations.
Prior to forming Vally Vote, Jeff founded Jeff Brain’s Real Estate Network, a full service realestate brokerage and consulting firm based in Los Angeles.  Before launching his entrepreneurial ventures, Jeff held the position of Assistant VP at Eastern Pacific, a real estate development company.  In this role, Jeff was responsible for analyzing and syndicating multi-million dollar real estate development projects and managed the Acconting Department.  Jeff also served as the Director of Acquisition at Triangle Investments, Inc. , where he was responsible for real estate acquisitions, project analysis, syndications and management.
Jeff’s outstanding civic work has earned him letters of commendation from elected officials and business organization including numerous California governors, US senators, congressmen and local officials, including Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. Jeff was Awarded “Citizen of the Year” for Sherman Oaks in 1996, and recognized in 1991 as “Small Businessman of the Year”  by the California State Assembly for District #40.  In 1998, Jeff was named one of the City’s most influential civic leaders by the Los Angeles Times in their year-end top ten series.


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