Glowing Beauty, Inner Peace and Vitality - Weddings and Rose

Glowing Beauty, Inner Peace and Vitality - Weddings and Rose

A healer, author and successful businessperson, Rose Cole talks about the importance of finding balance during engagement and wedding planning.  Get surprising tips from the former model who transformed her own life through holistic living – how to have glowing skin, a twinkle in your eye and the general sense of health and well being in time for your wedding.

Rose Cole shares her tips for living your dream life and offers free resources to brides to help jump start your journey:

o   Jump start the change process with a cleanse

o   Let your skin glow - secret to getting clearer, younger, more radiant skin click here for free resources

o   Join 5,000 women and learn how to become the master of your own domain and live your dream life - click here for free resource

o   Read The Conscious Bride by Sheryl Nissinen - available on

Rose's Wedding Words of Wisdomtm: "On the day of your wedding, walk and move in slow motion.  At the top of the aisle, just stop, look at your fiancé in the eyes and connect with him, take a minute or two, it’s all about the two of you, just stop, soak him in, connect with him, lock in time that moment."


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Rose Cole
Certified Natural Health Professional and Certified Nutrition Consultant
Wellness With Rose

The best professionals often come from a background of irony. A successful young Ford Model, Rose Cole was literally pulled into the nutrition arena as a means to save her own hide after being diagnosed with whole body psoriasis. When Cole found a way to cure her condition naturally, she turned it into a wildly successful e-marketing business. From there, she was invited to co-author a book with Deepak Chopra, titled “Audacious Aging.” It wasn’t long before Cole realized her unique gift was something larger and she began to mentor women helping to connect their work to their ultimate purpose.

Rose’s High Priestess training attunes a person’s vibrancy and physical frequency to meet pure potential, something she has done for more than 4500 women throughout the world.

Rose's career catapulted when Ford Models signed her. She landed a gig on the box of Special K cereal and a role in a network TV movie. Though the modeling jobs were now paying the bills, she began to turn her attention to what was healing her and she returned to school, first in San Diego and then at the University of Illinois’ nutrition program.

Rose became a Certified Natural Health Professional, a Certified Nutrition Consultant, and certified in blood nutrition at the Institute of Human Individuality. In 2006, she established Wellness with Rose and the High Priestess programs were birthed in 2010. She also created, a resource of thousands of free videos, articles, and audio downloads on holistic living. She created a very unique virtual business model which allows her to share her knowledge with more people than she could personally see in a day. Rose also writes books, develops products and speaks on her approach to a life of vitality and connected purpose.

E-Mail:    Phone: (888) 898-WELL


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