Tools 2 Connect with Kay Wallace

Tools 2 Connect with Kay Wallace

Why stay with old boring marketing paying thousands of dollars for billboards, t.v. ads, and magazine articles when the power to connect with people is right at your fingertips for FREE!

Isn’t it always better to “stand out” from your business competitors? Beat them to the punch and start connecting with your clients, their clients, and potential clients. Don’t know how to get started or what to say or do? We can help! You can choose from multiple options, if you want all of your social media managed for you so you don’t have to deal with the hassle, we can do that. Or maybe you just want ideas for you to act on that will help your business stand out from others, we can do that too! We are your complete online marketing company who actually know what they’re doing! Don’t believe us? Schedule a consultation and find out for yourself.


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Kay Wallace
Tools 2 Connect

Kay Wallace is a public speaker, trainer, internet marketing consultant and social media specialist.  Being in the computer industry for 33 years she has gone from designing computer systems before Windows was invented to staying on the leading edge of internet technology.  Always looking for new and innovative ways to approach today’s market, she found herself developing marketing plans using social media and other online marketing tools as a way to reach and maintain clients.  Her platform is “Simplify Your Approach & Don’t Over Complicate.”

Her company, Tools 2 Connect not only trains businesses on how to use social media and other online marketing tools but also maintains other businesses online presence.  Her passion is helping others succeed.  She is involved in numerous non-profit organizations and believes helping children should be a priority.



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