PowerSerge Fitness with Sergio Carbajal

PowerSerge Fitness with Sergio Carbajal

Powerserge  is a plyometric, cardiovascular, fun workout!  Plyometric simply refers to exercise which incorporates explosive movements to develop muscular power.  These creative combinations of specific, intense, lengthening movements will help your body reach the desired lean muscle tone of a dancer.  Combining these movements with small sculpting weights will really enhance the overall workout and get your body really shredded! - Guaranteed!

Powerserge work program is for everyone!  It is movement that we all as human beings can relate to and will find very easy to execute and follow along.  Powerserge is not heavy weight training, nor is it dancing.  You will never feel tangled up trying to learn choreography if you are not a professional.  It is not a kickboxing class, nor is it a bootcamp!

Powerserge is not one thing, it is everything - creative, fun, intense and exhilarating.  In perfect rhythm with the universe.  Powerserge is a challenge and an empowerment!


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Sergio Carbajal
Personal Trainer
Power Serge Fitness

I have lived a lifetime filled with fitness.  I was raised as a young boxer, training with my father, a professional boxer.  I was always active and involved in some type of athletic endeavor, from running track in school, to a dance scholarship with an accredited studio which led to summers taking dance classes at the Joffrey Ballet School in New York.  I also continued to hone my skills in kickboxing, Aussie Rules football and gymnastics, eventually touring with the post Olympic Gymnasts and partnering with Nadia Comaneci, the world’s first perfect 10.  This diverse training from one discipline to another is why I am extremely passionate and knowledgeable about great health and proper fitness.  I have trained very hard over the years to acquire these crafts which are gifts to me, I also incorporate many aspects of my background into my personal training clients as well as my classroom workouts.  My Clients and students not only feel like they got a great workout, but walk out knowing they learned something about working out.  Whether it is safety, learning how to isolate muscles to achieve the maximum results or various kick progressions-combinations, I always add something new to keep the workouts fun, interesting and challenging.  My goal is to empower my clients/students with my health and fitness knowledge.  What sets me apart from other trainers, aside from my vast, extensive, diversified training, is my ability to put all these components to work.  I am also motivated by my own personal drive and compassion to make a change/difference in each individual toward better overall health and proper fitness techniques. The decision to become a personal trainer did non happen overnight, with a two day crash course in personal training as a means to make some quick money.  Fitness is in my blood and has always been a part of my life and I take this aspect of me very seriously.

I see each individual as a world of their own - I do not expect us all to rotate exactly the same.

Website:  www.powersergefitness.com

    Phone: 818-314-2426

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