Faye & Faye Chiropractic, Inc with Dr. Heather Faye

Faye & Faye Chiropractic, Inc with Dr. Heather Faye

Our office is conveniently located in West Los Angeles at Westwood and National Boulevard. We offer the highest level of care available on the west side.

Our flexible office hours guarantee appointment times convenient for today's busiest people. We provide expert for adults and children and offer a wide range of services. 

We pride ourselves in educating our patients about the importance of chiropractic care, and how it can help correct what condition you may have. If chiropractic can not help you, we will tell you so and not accept you as a patient. If desired, will refer you to they type of doctor who may be able to help you. We also won't pressure you to "sign-up" for long term plans. 

All new patients receive a complimentary copy of Dr. Faye's book "Goodbye Back Pain," a step by step book used in conjunction with their care to help them get better faster. 


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Dr. Heather Faye
Faye & Faye Chiropractic, Inc.

Dr. Heather Faye (a.k.a. Dr. Heather) has been practicing the art and science of chiropractic for the past 18 years.  Most of those years she has had the opportunity to study, learn and practice, with her well known father Leonard J. Faye, D.C.; a legend in the chiropractic community. She studied pre-med at McGill University in Canada and graduated from Western States Chiropractic College in 1988.

Along with the required skills for chiropractic proficiency, Dr. Heather has furthered her knowledge to include chiropractic rehabilitation, working with physical therapists and physical trainers in many prestigious sports facilities located in Los Angeles.  She also works with many yoga instructors, combining the stretching benefits of yoga with the benefits of chiropractic.  She has attended numerous seminars and courses and has countless hours of continuing education credits. There is a strong emphasis on exercise and nutrition.  She has evaluated hundreds of nutritional products, in order to be able to recommend the appropriate ones for her patient’s specific needs.  As equally important as her recommendations, she lives what she recommends!

Dr. Heather has a strong sense of community which led her to volunteer countless hours providing chiropractic care and nutritional counseling to the women living at a local “women of sobriety” home. Treatment while working to achieve sobriety is an incredible adjunct to their care and recovery. In addition to community service, Dr. Heather works with many individuals in the entertainment industry that through scheduling difficulties require “on-set” or house call treatments.  Dr. Heather highly recommends that her patients bring in their entire family for a checkup.  Children need chiropractic too.  Today’s school aged children are at a higher risk of spinal stresses, due to the books they must carry, now that most schools do not have lockers anymore.  Additionally, children and students are sitting at computers for longer periods.  They are less physically active and are at risk of postural changes and tension if not checked regularly.

Dr. Heather has a son named Rylan, is the daughter of Leonard & Bernadette Faye; has two brothers; Michael, a photographer and Alan, a designer.  Besides her son, her dog Cambie, a flat coated retriever is another love in her life. Dr. Heather has been fortunate to have had her father as her mentor, for all these years.  To this day, students and current doctors of chiropractic attend technique seminars he teaches, and Dr. Heather gets to attend on a daily basis!  You’re in great hands - literally!

Website:  www.fayechiro.chiroweb.com  

    Phone: 310-470-1225

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