Introducing Dave Ribble

Introducing Dave Ribble

Whether you have thousands on the payroll or a few, whether you are launching a new product or protecting the market-share you’d like to keep, Dave and Gaye love working with every department, from Marketing and Sales to HR and PR, providing the right resources that will continually project your best Brand and Image. 

“The first step is to find out what you want to accomplish. Is it to launch a new product? Tell us about it and we’ll come up with ways to help announce it so people remember. Are you exhibiting at a trade show? We’ll help you with the pre-show, show and post-show strategy to ensure you get the right kind of traffic and the right numbers to your booth so you can generate real business by capturing the all-important data about your prospects in the process. Want to do something for your clients? We’ll research and recommend the right promotional products that will help remind them of your story, on-going, 24/7. Do you want to incentivize your sales team to perform better? It’s been proven many times that motivating them with the right incentives will always outperform just giving them cash. The same goes for motivating your employees.”

Whatever your needs, The Company Image provides a consistency to everything. They stay with you throughout the year and continually research more new ways to keep your Brand and Image fresh and interesting, whether it is for your target market or for keeping your employees motivated and encouraged to do their best work. The old adage about your first-impression being the most important is only part of the story, because your Brand and Image have to have staying power throughout the organization as well as in the marketplace.

“The customers you took from your competition can always find their way back. Benjamin Disraeli said ‘the secret to success is constancy of purpose.’ We at The Company Image believe that consistency in a company’s Brand and Image are an integral part of that philosophy.”



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Dave Ribble
The Company Image

For over twenty-five years, Dave Ribble and his business partner, Gaye Kruger, have worked in the Promotional Marketing industry, helping the likes of Universal Studios, Warner Bros, Vitalicious, Anthem Blue Cross, Mattel, NKSF Accounting, Big 5 Sporting Goods Stores, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Prospect Mortgage and many other high profile companies consistently support their Brand by telling their story, incentivizing their teams, promoting their products and capturing more market-share in the process.



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