4th Qtr., 2010 Target Date Funds Update

Innovative. Flexible. Analytical. Asset allocation research and services. Ibbotson Associates is a leading authority on asset allocation with expertise in capital market expectations and portfolio implementation. Approaching portfolio construction from the top-down through a research-based investment process, its experienced consultants and portfolio managers serve mutual fund firms, banks, broker-dealers, and insurance companies worldwide. Ibbotson Associates methodologies and services address all investment phases, from accumulation to retirement and the transition between the two.


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Thomas Idzorek
CIO, Director of Research and Product Development, Ibbotson Associates
Tom Idzorek is chief investment officer and director of research for Ibbotson Associates, a registered investment advisor and wholly owned subsidiary of Morningstar, Inc. As chief investment officer, Tom oversees all key investment decisions on Ibbotson's assets under advisement. Managing a team of Ph.D. researchers, he is responsible for Ibbotson's research agenda and new product development. Mr. Idzorek has expertise in lifetime asset allocation, strategic asset allocation, tactical (dynamic) asset allocation, liability-relative investing, asset allocation implementation, fund-of-funds optimization, risk budgeting, returns-based style analysis and performance analysis. He is a senior member of Ibbotson's Investment Policy Committee and has authored numerous articles on asset allocation topics. Prior to joining Ibbotson Associates, Tom was the senior quantitative researcher of Zephyr Associates. He developed and researched financial models and techniques for inclusion in the company's analytical software. This included the co-development of the "style drift score" and the implementation of the Black-Litterman model. Mr. Idzorek received his bachelor's degree in marketing from Arizona State University, his master's degree in business administration from Thunderbird School of Global Management and the Chartered Financial Analyst designation from the CFA Institute.


CFDD: Quarterly Target Date Funds Report

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