As an owner of a retirement services firm in the mid-90s, I witnessed the shift in market forces that transferred the control of the retirement industry from regional service providers to bundled national providers – primarily mutual funds and insurance companies. Since that time I have endeavored to restore that balance to the benefit of the Plan Sponsor/Participant through the creation of the CIFmarketplace.  The marketplace provides a platform for regional service providers and local advisors to better control the aggregate and net costs of the Plan investments and to choose fee sharing arrangements that fit the needs of the Plan Sponsor.   The CIFmarketplace fulfills the original promise of mutual funds, as yet seen that bigger was supposed to be better or that all expenses be fully transparent.


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Lance Roberts

Mr. Roberts founded the CIFmarketplace with over 35 years of experience in the retirement industry. Most recently, he was a principal in Advisors Capital Resource, which was a pioneer in the development and distribution of collective investment funds in support of managed portfolios for self-directed retirement programs. Previously, he owned and operated one of the largest pension administration firm in New England, where he was the author of influential White Papers, most notably”TPA Survival in the Retirement Industry.” Mr. Roberts attended Dartmouth College and the Kellogg School of Business - Northwestern University for degrees in business and government.

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