Multiple Employer Plan 401k Solutions

Multiple Employer Plan 401k Solutions

As a strategy to reduce and/or possibly eliminate a plan sponsor’s trustee liability, the interest in Multiple Employer Plans has increased significantly. The unique structure of the 413c Multiple Employer Plan allows plan sponsors to shed themselves of much of the fiduciary liability, cost and time associated with annual plan audits, Form 5500 filings, plan document charges, investment monitoring and much more. In addition to the plan sponsor advantages, MEP solutions allow advisors to outsource low-revenue tasks with high liability to an independent third party. This outsourcing facilitates advisor focus on employee education, asset allocation and overall monitoring of the program. As a result of these unique features, the Multiple Employer Plan is changing the way many look at retirement plans.


American Pension Services, Inc

Located in Clearwater, Florida, American Pension Services, Inc. is a fee-for-service third party retirement plan administration and consulting firm. Established in 2000 as a non-producing third party administrative and consulting firm, American Pension Services provides retirement plan services for the small to middle sized defined contribution market. The company has a strong background in multiple employer plans, as evidenced by their decade-long membership in the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations. The company works with advisors and investment professionals across the country to assist them and their clients in formulating successful retirement plan strategies.

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Terrance Power
President, American Pension Services, Inc.

Terrance Power, CFP®, AIFA®, QPA®, APR®, ERPA, CLU®, ChFC® has been in the Retirement Plan industry for over 30 years - first as an advisor, then as a wholesaler with Manulife Financial and most recently as a third party administration firm founder and President since 2000. Terry has been involved with Multiple Employer Plan clients for over two decades and is widely regarded as an expert in the field. To bring the benefits of Multiple Employer Plans to retirement plan clients across the country, he works with a select and limited number of retirement plan advisors on a national basis as part of The Platinum 401kTM program. Terry was named as one of the's "300 Most Influential" individuals in the Defined Contribution Industry for 2009, and was nominated for the same recognition in 2010. He has been a speaker at The Center for Due Diligence, American Society of Pension Professional and Actuaries, and conferences. Mr. Power is a fully qualified CEFEX Fiduciary Analyst, and is affiliated with the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX) in Toronto, Canada in that capacity. He conducts fiduciary assessments of Investment Advisors, Managers, and Stewards which can lead to CEFEX Fiduciary Certification. Terry is one of just a handful of individuals qualified and authorized to conduct ASPPA Service Provider Certifications. He is also the owner of the 401k TPA NETWORK, the largest group of its type on with over 1,000 active members.



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