Mitigating Fiduciary Risk

Mitigating Fiduciary Risk

Mitigating fiduciary risk is a primary concern for retirement plan sponsors. With the multitude of administrative responsibilities along with steep penalties and fines for breaching fiduciary duty, plan sponsors need critical support with their duties, including retirement plan administration. Underestimating the tasks associated with maintaining a retirement plan can have serious consequences. Market volatility is also causing participants to take a closer look at their retirement plan account activity, including the timing of document dissemination and the types of investments offered in their plan. Fortunately, value added tools can reduce administrative burden, manage a major portion of the day-to-day paperwork and help plan sponsors stay compliant.


Transamerica Retirement Services

With over one billion in Multiple Employer plan assets, Transamerica Retirement Services (Transamerica) is the leading innovator for Multiple Employer Plan services. Transamerica is a well-known and respected provider with more than 70 years in the retirement services industry. Ranked as one of the top providers of retirement plans, Transamerica services over 15,000 plans and more than 770,000 individual participants with over $16.0 billion in plan assets under management.

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Alison Cohen-Jang
Associate VP/ Plan Compliance Manager, Transamerica Retirement Services
Ms. Cohen-Jang is an Associate Vice-President/Plan Compliance Manager at Transamerica Retirement Services. Based in Los Angeles, CA, she specializes in compliance trouble-shooting for Internal Revenue Service corrective programs (EPCRS) and personally supports more than 150 clients with documentation issues including mergers/acquisitions, daily administration and plan design options. Ms Cohen-Jang advises clients on the Department of Labor’s Voluntary Fiduciary Correction Program and analyzes new legislation for recommendations on best approaches for implementation. She sits on the ASPPA CPC Exam Committee and teaches training classes for the ASPPA RFP and C-1 exams.


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