Introducing Jonn Morningstaur

Introducing Jonn Morningstaur


Introducing Jonn Morningstaur

Tony DeMaio, CEO of Big Media USA, introduces Jonn Morningstaur, show host of the Vital Life Radio Show.  In this interview, Jonn discusses the importance of ionized water, supplements, and clean air.  He also discusses which topics will be introduced in his show, guests that will be sharing their stories, and things to look forward to in his new show Vital Life on Big Media USA.

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Jonn Morningstaur
Glacier Oasis

Jonn Morningstaur, a vital Renaissance man, brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to his new internet radio program. The Vital Life Show will focus on interviews with leaders and innovators in the health and personal growth fields. Born with entrepreneur genes, Jonn is an accomplished writer, editor, interviewer and marketer. Since 1972, Jonn has established several successful enterprises in publishing, telecom and product distribution. He has a passion for empowering others with cutting-edge natural health strategies, especially the importance of ionized water, purified air, and effective supplementation. Jonn believes optimal health and a life marked by zest and joy are everyone’s birthright. The Vital Life Show will be the link between people interested in vitality and those who have found answers to the question “How do I create an optimal life?”


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