Buckhead Coalition with Sam Massell

Buckhead Coalition with Sam Massell

The Buckhead Coalition is an organization of business and civic leaders, mutually interested in nurturing the quality of life in this community. Its purpose is to plan and implement action programs for continued improvement of Buckhead as an integral part of the corporate city of Atlanta, Georgia. The long-range program is to assist in coordinating an orderly growth, in addition to balancing the residential and commercial interests. The Coalition works closely with all governmental units and interchanges information with other citizens’ groups. It exercises a formal relationship with the Buckhead Business Association through interlocking board members. Membership is by invitation & is limited to 100 chief executive officers of major Buckhead firms or others having a pronounced commitment to the area, plus selected affiliate and ex-officio members.


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Sam Massell
Founding President, Buckhead Coalition
Sam Massell, a life-long resident of Atlanta, has had successful careers in real estate brokerage, elected office positions, the field of tourism and association management. He spent twenty years as a Realtor, becoming Vice President of Allan-Grayson Realty Company. Sam has been honored three times by the Georgia Association of Real Estate Boards & as well as serving as an elected charter member of the Atlanta Real Estate Board's Million Dollar Club. Sam has served twenty-two years in elected offices, including eight years as President of Atlanta's Board of Aldermen & four years as the city's Mayor. Sam now manages a nonprofit civic organization as founding President of the Buckhead Coalition. This is a prestigious association of Chief Executive Officers of major businesses within the north side of the city of Atlanta Georgia who have pooled their strengths to nurture the quality of life & guide the orderly growth of the upscale uptown district of Buckhead.


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