The Art of Public Speaking with Faith Pincus

The Art of Public Speaking with Faith Pincus

Being an excellent public speaker is an amazingly powerful, sought-after skill in what is now a highly competitive and information overloaded society.

Think about it, whose speeches were most talked about at the recent Democratic National Convention? Not John Kerry. It was up-and-comer Barak Obama and Former President Bill Clinton. Which Republican president in recent memory was loved and revered, regardless of his foibles? Ronald Reagan. What civil rights leader was, and still is, widely admired? Martin Luther King. Whose inauguration speech is remembered and quoted to this day? John F. Kennedy's.

The ability to give a great speech is a talent. And behind that talent lies many hours of thought, practice, superb speech crafting, and a winning delivery style.

While charisma may not be something that can be taught – even the most charismatic person will not survive a poorly organized, uninteresting or uninformative speech – the skills necessary to bring charisma to life can be taught.

Welcome to Pincus Communications, Inc.. Here, we live and breathe the art of public speaking and public communication. We thrive on making people better public speakers, better small group presenters, better communicators. We enjoy speechwriting. We motivate speakers and show them how to motivate everyone else.


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Faith Pincus
Pinkus Communications

Faith Pincus is a dynamic, accomplished and experienced speaker who will boost your self-confidence and give you the tools you need to succeed at public speaking. Faith is an expert at public speaking who has trained elected and appointed officials, candidates, CEO’s, attorneys and management at non-profit associations for more than two decades. As a licensed attorney, she is also uniquely positioned to understand the speaking skills required of attorneys.

Faith has an innate ability to see what works in the public speaking context. She has an unbridled passion for public speaking and for making people better communicators. Faith is an expert in the art of persuasion and an accomplished speechwriter.

Prior to opening Pincus Communications, Inc., Ms. Pincus ran more than 25 political campaigns, including campaigns for congress, the California state assembly and senate, and various mayoral, city council and county supervisor races throughout California. Faith has created public affairs campaigns for non-profit associations, city governments, the building and transportation industries and cable TV.

Ms. Pincus has taught various public speaking courses at the university level for several years, including rhetoric (persuasion), public speaking, and interpersonal and small group communication. She has published a variety of articles on communication and persuasion, including an analysis of major war announcement speeches.

Ms. Pincus has a Masters in Communication from the California State University, at Fresno, and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Iowa. She is a former Judicial Clerk for the honorable Oliver W. Wanger of the United States District Court, Eastern District of California and a Member of the Order of the Coif. Ms. Pincus litigated for one of the top AmLaw 20 law firms before returning to her passion and specialty – public speaking.

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