Brain Food for Business People with Kenneth Keller

Brain Food for Business People with Kenneth Keller

Renaissance Executive Forums is an international company dedicated to helping top executives accelerate positive change in their businesses and in their lives.

Our Process revolves around a proven concept, the peer advisory board process. The advisory board process works by leveraging the collective experience and expertise of the Forum members to the benefit of the individual. It provides the participants with an ongoing education in business from advisors who have gained their knowledge and experience in the real world running their own businesses. These peers, who are running businesses just like you, provide a great sounding board to test ideas and concepts, review plans and goals, and present issues and opportunities for discussion. The result is improved decision-making, new insight and direction, and peace of mind.



Kenneth Keller
North LA County Franchise of Renaissance Executive

Kenneth W. Keller brings 30 years of leadership and management experience to Renaissance EXECUTIVE FORUMS. Mr. Keller held progressive responsibilities in operations, finance and marketing in the consumer products industry, including positions with Nestle, Coca-Cola and Sweet 'n Low. With a proven track record in developing and executing business strategies, Ken is a recognized leader in business excellence and marketing in the western United States.

As a proud owner of Renaissance EXECUTIVE FORUMS, he brings business leaders together in advisory boards, providing them the opportunity to learn from each other and the challenge of continuous improvement. Ken holds a BA in Political Science and an MBA in Management.

Ken founded STAR (Strategies, Tactics, Action, Results) Business Consulting, Inc. in 1995. Additionally, he has worked in conjunction with various Small Business Development Centers in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties to personally assist over 3,000 business owners to run their businesses better and more profitably. Each week Ken writes and publishes “Brain Food for Business People” a business oriented article sent to over 8000 individuals in government, business and nonprofit organizations around the world. His first book Breaking Down The Walls was published in 2004 and he has several books in development.

Ken teaches graduate marketing and business strategy planning at the University of Phoenix. Since 1996, he has taught more than 90 courses and over 2000 students. He is a recognized business authority, with his work appearing in the Los Angeles Times, the Daily News of Los Angeles, Orange County Register and numerous industry and trade periodicals. He is a sought after public speaker, speaking at trade shows and conferences throughout the western United States.  Ken lives in Valencia, California with his wife Donna. He is an avid reader, a writer and enjoys golf and travel.


E-Mail:    Phone: (661)295-6892

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