Overcoming Challenges in Life with Judith Parker Harris

Overcoming Challenges in Life with Judith Parker Harris

If your life was a movie, what exciting adventures would you have?

Judith Parker Harris, a renown film producer and director, uses tailored movie story boards to help individuals and corporations eliminate blocks.

Judith shares techniques and strategies you can use immediately, no matter what your issue.  Find out how you too can go from Blocked to Blockbuster!


Overcoming challenges in life
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How to achieve your goals in life

Produce a feature film for your life.  What would you like your life to look like in 6 months to a year?

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The types of villians in our lives

Judith discusses the concept of the 7 types of movie villians and how they manifest in our lives.  How do we prevent self sabatoging our lives and our businesses?

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What is the monster in your life?

Overcome blocks in your life and start making changes.  Look at your life as if it were a movie.  Look at the hero and try this technique, "I will do what it takes to (put your goal here) just don't ask me to (what you are holding on to the hardest), because that is just not me"  Learn more tips from Judith and change your life now!

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Judith Parker Harris
Vice President
Worldwide Entertainment

Judith Parker Harris is a movie and commercial producer, an advertising/marketing entrepreneur, community leader, author, speaker, coach and consultant who focuses all of those skills and talents on helping businesses and individuals move from BLOCKED to BLOCKBUSTER. She became an expert on blocked when at the peak of her workaholic race for success, she found herself "stuck in the muck" of her own life that she had not dealt with. She set out to become a BLOCKBUSTER as a means of self-preservation.

The year was 1985, and Judith was hit with partial paralysis, central sight loss, and the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. She then spent 3 years discovering what "change-for-success" was all about. She systematically found and released lessons, thoughts and emotions that not only weren't working for her any longer, but were also threatening her with dis-ease. "You can handle anything," Judith proclaims. Now symptom-free since 1990, Judith teaches the process she developed to individuals, organizations and businesses ready to move forward, face challenges, solve problems and change-for-success.

Blocked to Blockbuster:  135 South McCarty Drive #101 Beverly Hills, CA 90212 Map It

Website:  http://www.blockedtoblockbuster.com

Website: http://www.culturalblockbusters.com

E-Mail: jph@blockedtoblockbuster.com    Phone: (310) 858-1272

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