Get Into Private School with Kim Hamer

Get Into Private School with Kim Hamer

Are you considering private elementary school?  Do you feel overwhelmed by choices, confused by the process and wonder if the school is worth the price tag?

Kim Hamer discusses private vs. public school and how to make the decision, powerful language to use when describing your child on an application, what admissions directors really look for in a candidate, how you can afford private school, and the parental dos and donts of a good school interview.

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Understanding the private school admission process

What are the differences between private and public elementary school?  What are the different options for public school, such as charter and magnet schools?  How does preschool play a role in the decision process of choosing the correct elementary school for your child?  Kim discusses the research process involved before deciding which public, private or parochial school your children should attend.  Factors which come into play when deciding upon a school can include family values, neighborhood kids, distance of school from your home, your child's personality, and parent volunteer time.

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Financial aid to pay for private school tuition

How much does it cost to send a child to a private elementary school?  Is financial aid available?  What is the application process for financial aid or grants?

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Applications to private school

Should parents apply to more than one school?  Kim discusses the admissions process including the parent interview process.  What do private schools look for in parents and families, such as diversity, single parent families, siblings, special needs children, etc.  Learn about the child interview process.  What are the "wait pools" in the school system?  Learn about Private School Contracts and how important it is to know details before signing.

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Tips to get into a private school

What parents should and should not do when applying to a private school

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Kim Hamer
Get In Now!

We believe that raising kids and educating them is a collaborative project requiring partnerships, open communication and flexibility. We believe that holds true for building a successful company as well. Our company is passionate about recognizing leadership and risk taking knowing the rewards and learning opportunities that come with them are priceless and make us more competitive and a better company.

As CEO of, Kim Hamer and her staff teach parents how to best position themselves to guarantee their child's admission into the school of their choice while taking the anxiety and confusion out of the admission's process.

After experiencing the stress of searching for private schools for her own three children, Kim did extensive research and discovered practical and powerful information how the admissions process really works. With this information she started and authored Get In Now!: Everything You Need to Know to Get Your Child Into Private Elementary School.

She currently lives in Los Angeles, CA with her husband and three children.

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