Avoid Work Place Violence with Monica Ballard

Avoid Work Place Violence with Monica Ballard

In 1992, Monica Ballard was asked by the CEO of a Fortune 500 company to help find the best training program available, on the subject of sexual harassment prevention.  She researched 20 firms, before concluding that none of their programs addressed the issue from an adult learning perspective and that, typically, they focused on divisions between the sexes, or spouted legal jargon, totally defeating the educational purpose.  After reporting to the CEO that there were no programs in the U.S. built around “Concepts of Adult Learning”, he responded, "Why don't you create one?".

Monica did create training programs on the prevention of sexual harassment, and the programs were so much better than anything available in the marketplace, that Exxon U.S.A became Parallax Education’s third client.


Early warning signs of work place violence

What is workplace violence and how can you avoid it?  We discuss early warning signs of this type of behavior.  What should a supervisor do when domestic abuse is brought into the work place?

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Segment Two

Monica discusses signs of domestic abuse and what companies can do to look after their employees.  We discuss violence intervention and examples of the type of person who may be involved in workplace or domestiv violence.

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What are warning signs of potential violence which can be identified during the interview process?

What are the signs to look for and questions to ask during the interview process.  What are "red flags" for work violence?  What types of questions CAN you ask during the interview process?

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Workplace safety

Here are steps that both a company and employees can take to keep the workplace safe.

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Monica Ballard
Parallax Education

Monica Ballard has been in the organizational development industry for 25 years.  She has consulted numerous Fortune 500 companies, including American Express, ARCO, Sizzler Int'l, First Interstate Bank, Exxon, Jack-in-the Box, Washington Mutual Bank, Ritz Carlton Hotels, Goodyear Tire & Rubber, RAND Corporation, MCA/Universal Studios, MTA, and Motown Record Company.    She has been designated as an “expert witness” in 180 lawsuits, for both plaintiff and defense to comment on the subjects of harassment, discrimination and retaliation.

Monica has been featured in numerous publications, including Time, U.S. News and World Report, Smart Money, the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune, the Washington Post, and the Association for Human Resource Professionals magazine. She contributes her expertise regularly in the Nation’s Restaurant News magazine.

Monica has two BA’s in Education, two teaching credentials, has completed the 30 hour Mediation Training at UCLA, and has completed the UCLA Executive Program on Financial Statement Analysis. Monica has a Master’s Degree in Organizational Management from Antioch University.

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