Seena Sharp with Sharp Market Intelligence

Seena Sharp with Sharp Market Intelligence

Since 1979,Sharp Market Intelligence has helped Fortune 500 and emerging companies make smarter decisions by transforming information into a powerful competitive advantage.

Once we identify changes, opportunities and obstacles in the current marketplace, executives can make strategically sound decisions based on knowledge and a future-focused perspective about their entire business universe.


Seena Sharp, Sharp Market Intelligence

What is market intelligence? Here are the elements to making your business a success.

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Competitive Market Intelligence

How does Sharp Market Intelligence find business information?  Here's how to start the research, information you will find initially, and steps to follow.

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Why do companies need Competitive Market Intelligence?

Seena discusses examples of successful clients who have used competitive Market Intelligence to launch new business ventures.

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Trends in the Market Place

Seena discusses trends in the market place.  What are bundled products?  How do companies such as McDonalds and Nike use this concept?

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Seena Sharp
Sharp Market Intelligence

Seena Sharp is president of Sharp Market Intelligence, a firm specializing in marketing information for corporate clients.

Seena Sharp's reputation and passion for marketing have earned her mention in the trade and business press, including Peter Drucker's Leader to Leader newsletter, Bloomberg Business, The LA Times, Nation's Business, Inc, Marketing News, and more.  She's also been quoted in books "Competitive Intelligence" by Larry Kahaner and others.

Seena Sharp earned a Masters Degree from New York University and enjoyed a successful corporate career in New York City prior to launching Sharp Market Intelligence in 1979 in Los Angeles, California.

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