Creative Intuitive with Marsh Engle

Creative Intuitive with Marsh Engle

Award-winning creative consultant and entrepreneurial expert Marsh Engle grew a multimillion dollar business representing major entertainment studios, including Viacom, Paramount, Sony and more.  Her expertise is in brand building and corporate partnerships.  Marsh currently has three internet radio shows, is a published author, and coaches executives on expanding the flow of their success.

Marsh Engle reminds us, "The fact is, we are innovative, resourceful, and a vibrant source of creativity!  That's why I'm committed to helping people find ways to be more resourceful, intuitive, and successful in every aspect of their life!"

Marsh Engle's remarkable insight, honed from years of studying the success styles of corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, and entertainers has brought her a unique perspective on intuition and how to implement its flow in the most creative way possible.

I have a hunch you'll enjoy our talk!


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Marsh Engle

Marsh Engle spent nearly a decade investigating the signature success styles of entertainers, entrepreneurs and corporate leaders.  This study, along with her love of World Wisdom Traditions, provides fresh insight into the ways people discover and bring their unique destiny to life.  The multi-book Amazing Women series is published by Jodere Group.

As an advocate of creative expression, in 2001 Marsh was awarded a United States Congressional Proclamation for Amazing Woman's Day, an initiative she formed to celebrate feminine ingenuity, entrepreneurship and creativity.  Her work with this movement served to inspire thousands across the country.  Additional honors include those that nominated her for the Top 100 Women in Entertainment and named her among Who's Who in American Women.  As a popular lecturer, Marsh entertains audiences across the U.S.

Marsh Engle lives in Los Angeles, California.

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