Interview with Jane Kaufman

Interview with Jane Kaufman


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Jane Kaufman

As a former migraine headache sufferer, Jane became interested in Oriental / Chinese Medicine after personally experiencing its benefits. Migraine free for many years, Jane enrolled in and graduated from the Southeast institute of Oriental Medicine. She completed a four-year course of comprehensive graduate training and became a licensed, board certified Acupuncture Physician. She also has additional certification from the National Acupuncture Detox Association (NADA), which she earned after extensive training in the use of detox therapy to enhance patient health and well-being. In addition, Jane has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Florida where she majored in Psychology. Jane’s private practice is in the Palmetto Bay area. Jane Keeps busy with her full time practice and is very active in her community. She serves as a member of the board of the ALS Recovery Fund and is involved in other local organizations.


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