Interview with Mike Balian

Interview with Mike Balian


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Mike Balian
President & Founder
Toledo Homes Inc.

Mike Balian is the leading high-end residential developer in Pasadena. His projects
are design masterpieces that reflect his artistic vision and exceptional talents in both
engineering and construction.
The Balian’s family roots run deep in the design and building of monuments and civic
projects reaching back to the 17th century. He named his company, Toledo Homes,
based on his love of both the architecture and culture of Toledo, Spain. Toledo is one
of the most spectacular cities in the world, steeped in history, architecture and culture.
Just as Toledo represents innovative and timeless beauty and culture in Spain, so does
Toledo Homes in Pasadena.
Toledo Homes’ projects are defined by an uncompromising Toledo Homes’ devotion
to fine architectural detailing and craftsmanship that add to the rich architectural fabric
of Pasadena. Mike Balian is a veritable encyclopedia of history and architecture; his
projects stand as testament to his passion, vision, creative drive, and attention to detail.
Since founding Toledo Homes in 1997, Mike Balian has focused exclusively on the
Pasadena market. He has assembled a diverse team with backgrounds in construction,
architecture, marketing, design, law, and management that assure the development
of quality projects. Under his leadership, Toledo Homes has successfully developed
11 projects, currently has 3 under construction, several in development and an
inventory of properties that will assure a flow of new product for years to come.


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