Interview with William "Bill" Adams

Interview with William "Bill" Adams

International Stem Cell Corporation develops a powerful new stem cell technology called "parthenogenesis" that promises to significantly advance the field of regenerative medicine by addressing the significant problem of immune-rejection.  Parthenogenesis utilizes unfertilized human eggs to create "parthenogenetic" stem cells that can be "immune-matched" to millions of persons of differing sexes and racial backgrounds.  A relatively small number of hpSC lines could provide sufficient immune-matched cells to cover large parts of the world's population.  ISCO plans to create a bank of these valuable hpSC lines to serve all populations across the world.


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William Adams
International Stem Cell Corporation

Mr. Adams has 42 years of experience in the corporate consulting and financing and has provided seen capital and secondary and bridge financing to numerous start-up companies both individually and as a manager of various private investment partnerships in the biomedical and medical device start-ups.  Mr. Adams previously served as an accountant at Ernst & Young, CFO of Neurion Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a Convergent Ventures portfolio company; as Co-Founder, Director and CFO of WaveTec Vision Systems, Inc. an opthalmic device company; and as founder of Dimendional Planning Group, a management consulting and financial planning company.  He is on the Ernst & Young alumni board for Los Angeles and also on the Board for the Los Angeles Counsel - Boy Scouts of America.


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