Advisor Background Checks & Full Transparency

The world has changed. Consumers are requesting and expecting transparency and full disclosure from their financial advisors. As noted in recent articles in the Wall Street Journal and other publications, consumers have a right to request and expect full background checks on their advisors. Additionally, ERISA 411 requires sponsors to perform background checks on their advisors. As the industry matures, select financial professionals are beginning to realize that transparency and full disclosure are a path to growth. As consumers become aware of the current system’s self-reporting limits, the era of working for a big firm and/or using the form ADV as the sole means of disclosure is coming to a close. Attend this session and learn what consumers are looking for, their biggest concerns when choosing an advisor and gain a full understanding of the components included in a full background report. In addition to discussing how this paradigm shift can differentiate you from your competition, we will provide a complete overview of everything included in the background check, discuss specific examples and answer questions about the details of an AdvisorCheck background report. We will also discuss the dispute process and how to correct inaccuracies.


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Scott Campbell
Director of Marketing & Consumer Affairs, AdvisorCheck
Scott C. Campbell is the Director of Marketing & Consumer Affairs for AdvisorCheck, Inc, the nation’s leading provider of background checks for financial professionals. Mr. Campbell oversees the member services department. In this role, he has worked diligently to raise awareness of AdvisorCheck’s “Pro Transparency & Disclosure Movement” nationwide. Prior to joining AdvisorCheck, Scott worked for two of the industry’s top brokerage firms. In this capacity, he became aware of the shortcomings associated with the lack of background verification and disclosure provided by most financial professionals. Scott is an active speaker to industry professionals and consumers regarding the importance of transparency and full disclosure. Mr. Campbell attended Youngstown State University.


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