Mr. Ted Powl, San Dimas Chamber of Commerce

Mr. Ted Powl, San Dimas Chamber of Commerce



Ted Powl
San Dimas Chamber of Commerce

The San Dimas Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to improving the business climate in San Dimas, improving the success of our businesses, and improving the quality of life in our city.

We accomplish these goals through a close relationship with the City staff and elected officials, local public safety organizations, the service community  supporting the city and our membership.  We provide connectivity among all these entities to ensure the climate exists to address issues and resolve problems.  The Chamber provides business education and expert advice through our collaborative partners.  We host a wide variety of community events that are part of the fabric that defines San Dimas.

We are here to help all of the businesses located and doing business in San Dimas.  Membership in the Chamber makes our task easier by enabling us to get to know your business better and allowing us to offer the advice and services tailored to your needs.  It also enables us to offer you the valuable experiences that help develop your leadership skills that will move your and your business to the next level.  Membership also puts you in direct touch with other members who are potential customers, suppliers, associates or mentors.

All in all, membership in the chamber is an investment that you cannot afford to pass up.

    Phone: (909) 592-3818

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