The Intersection of Inbound Marketing, New Media, Sales & Compliance (Panelist)

Technology, the internet and social media are changing the way organizations approach business development. While advisors have been slow to embrace modern media technology, the growing popularity of social networking, blogs, webinars, podcasts, electronic newsletters and more have changed the nature of communications. The New Media provides low cost opportunities for advisors to establish credibility, reinforce brand, distinguish themselves, share expertise, gain national recognition, drive website traffic and hopefully, generate SALES. Expert advisors are in a unique position to deliver meaningful content and while the blogging process elevates professionalism, success requires an overarching strategy. Relationships may trump technology, but as online relationships grow, advisors are exploring how the New Media can be used to augment existing marketing plans. New Media effectiveness takes time to develop and this session will discuss strategy, priorities, staying focused, the call to action and the truth about blogs. We will also discuss tools that work, those that don't make sense and compliance. Attend this session and walk away with practical tools that can be used in conjunction with traditional sales and networking efforts.


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Chad Bockius
CEO, Socialware
Chad Bockius is the CEO of Socialware. With more than a decade of enterprise software experience from companies such as Bazaarvoice, BetweenMarkets and Trilogy, Mr. Bockius has been instrumental in helping firms and advisors understand the opportunities and compliance challenges posed by social networking sites. Socialware bridges the gap between the enterprise and social networks to transform the way companies and individuals engage, communicate and collaborate. Leveraging the industry's first Social Middleware platform, Socialware's technology allows companies to transform public social networking sites, like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, into enterprise-grade channels within the framework of their existing business processes. Chad earned a Bachelors of Engineering degree from Vanderbilt University.


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