Cash Balance Coach: Interview with Daniel Kravitz

Since 1977, Kravitz has brought its clients the latest in design, administration, and management of corporate retirement plans. Today's plan designs include cutting-edge executive retirement plans, which are no less significant than the very first Kravitz pension plan approved under ERISA in Los Angeles. In the crowded 401(k) marketplace, the Cash Balance Coach® program allows you to bring something unique to your clients. Kravitz has developed effective sales strategies that enable you to offer an exceptional product to your clients.


Segment One Dan Kravitz talks about the most exciting, best kept secret in the retirement planning world - Cash Balance Pension Plans. Kravitz is the national leader in designing and administering these innovative plans for a market with huge growth potential. Successful business owners and professional services firms can save millions of dollars in taxes by adding a Cash Balance Plan to their existing retirement package, while also delivering a great benefit that helps attract and retain top talent.
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Segment Two Find out just how quickly a new Cash Balance Plan can be put together at Kravtiz, from innovative, customized plan design through the final plan document that offers extreme tax relief with IRS approval. Dan takes you step by step through the process and costs involved in creating a new Cash Balance Plan.
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Segment 3

How can financial advisors stand out in a crowded, noisy 401(k) marketplace? Dan tells you how to make Cash Balance Plans your secret weapon, so you bring something new and different to clients who need to reduce taxes and grow their retirement accounts. Learn about a unique program called Cash Balance Coach and the upcoming book, "Beyond the 401(k)" that will open up a new world of opportunities for financial advisors.

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Segment Four How much can you really put away in a Cash Balance Plan? Dan Kravitz explains how these age-dependent plans allow tax-deferred savings of anywhere from $75,000 to over $200,000 annually. He also talks about how these powerful retirement accounts grow through a guaranteed interest crediting rate along with annual contributions.
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Daniel Kravitz
Kravitz Inc.

Daniel Kravitz is president of Kravitz, Inc., the largest independent firm of retirement consultants headquartered in Southern California, specializing in the design and administration of virtually every type of retirement plan. He is also a principal in Kravitz Investment Services, Inc., the Registered Investment
Advisory affiliate of Kravitz. Daniel oversees the smooth running of all day-to-day operations at Kravitz. It is his responsibility to ensure that all divisions stay focused on the company's primary goal: extraordinary customer service achieved through leading edge retirement plan design, excellent client communications and education, and delivery of accurate and timely work products.

Daniel spearheads a collaborative management team of like-minded industry experts who are dedicated to excellence in quality. Under his direction, this team has completely restructured the company so that output to clients is continually more responsive, timely, efficient and personalized.

Daniel is a specialist in retirement plan design. He has successfully revised many programs to include a Cash Balance Plan, which resulted in larger contributions for executives. His teaching and technical skills have helped to ensure the smooth implementation and communication of his clients' 401(k) and Cash Balance plans. Daniel is a graduate of the University of California, Davis, and completed the American Society of Pension Actuaries exams for the designation Certified Pension Consultant. He is a nationally recognized speaker on the topics of plan design and administration, and he currently serves on the board of the National Institute of Pension Administrators (NIPA).


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